Top 10 Best 5.10 Shoes for Men and Women

The BL Team was monkeying around the climbing gym the other day and it was pointed out that we all rock 5.10 shoes. A discussion ensued about our long love affair with the products this company produces and so we decided to post our top 5 picks for men and top 5 picks for women, here, in a top 10 best 5.10 shoes article. 5.10 shoes aren’t the best built, or the prettiest, or the cheapest, but dog-gone-it if they aren’t the best overall value a climber can get! They’re reliable, with sticky rubber and good building, and they aren’t going to break the bank every time you need a new pair. They also seem to ‘mold’ to the foot better than any other brand, resulting in greatly appreciated comfort after a few weeks of using them. Read on as the Boulderinglife team, in conjunction with the Tentsy and Workersy teams, drops some knowledge on you about 5.10 shoes!


10. Blackwing for Women – 5.10 Climbing Shoe

FiveTen Women's Blackwing

FiveTen Women’s Blackwing
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These are some of the best 5.10 shoes. These 5.10 shoes are made with fine craftsmanship’s and each pair is made by hand. There is a rubber sole so they will not weight the climber down. This also allows for flexibility from the shoe. These shoes have a Velcro brand strap closure which offers both comfort and support. The tongue of the shoe is padded and there is a soft microfibre lining which will help with sweat control. There is a downturned outsole that will help the climber pull into the rock. This climbing 5.10 shoe for women allows for comfort and support.

9. Anasazi LV Five Ten Women’s Climbing Shoe

FiveTen Women's Anasazi LV

FiveTen Women’s Anasazi LV
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These climbing 5.10 shoes are made from synthetic material to help control the moisture in the shoe. With the lined Cordura upper and the duel Velcro hook and loop closure for security, it is no wonder why this shoe is one of the best 5.10 shoes. These 5.10 climbing shoes feature magic fingers at the heel for an excellent grip on the rocks. This shoe was created for people that do not have the typical narrow foot. It is made to offer more support to the female foot and fit like a glove. There is additional room in the toe area and a higher arch for added comfort and support. Certainly some of the best 5.10 shoes for women on the market right now.

8. Five Ten Siren Climbing Shoe for Women

FiveTen Siren

FiveTen Siren
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When rock climbing having a lightweight shoe is important. That is why this shoe is one of the best 5.10 shoes. In addition to being light, this 5.10 shoe is made to be comfortable. As soon as the woman puts this shoe on she will feel comfortable like no other. The shoe was made with durability in mind. It was designed with the most technical design made specifically for climbing. This 5.10 women’s shoe has a rich heritage in the climbing business. These 5.10 shoes could easily mean the difference between success and failure when climbing.

7. Rogue VCS 5.10 Climbing Shoes for Women

FiveTen Women's Rogue VCS

FiveTen Women’s Rogue VCS
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This synthetic climbing shoe with a rubber sole is considered to be one of the best 5.10 shoes. The sole has a 3.5 mm stealth C4 rubber and a Velcro and elastic strap closure. These 5.10 shoes were designed with high performance in mind. It was also made to be fashionable without compromising quality. This shoe is made from leather and was designed with recreational climber in mind. This will allow a person to stay comfortable even while on a climb. This shoe is made to be secure without having to sacrifice style and comfort.

6. Coyote VCS Canvas 5.10 Shoes

FiveTen Women's Coyote VCS

FiveTen Women’s Coyote VCS
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This pair definitely makes the list of best 5.10 shoes. They are made by hand and have a thick rubber sole for grip and comfort. This climbing shoe has a slingshot heel and for extra grip. It also has duel Velcro closures to make sure the shoes will stay on tight and secure. There is extra padding on the tongue with pull tabs on each side so it is easy to put on and take off. These 5.10 shoes are for entry-level and intermediate climbers. There is a lined canvas that will not allow for dead space giving the climber complete control and footing at all times.


5. Team VXi Men’s 5.10 Climbing Shoe

FiveTen Men's Team VXi

FiveTen Men’s Team VXi
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This man’s climbing shoes is one of the best 5.10 shoes. It is neon green and black in color with a thick rubber role. The sole is of these 5.10 shoes for men are made from stealth Ml6 rubber. There is a Velcro and elastic strap closure to hold the shoes securely in place. The material of the shoe is soft synthetic suede which will mold to the foot of the climber for added comfort. This 5.10 man’s shoe is great for long climb sessions and adventures. These 5.10 shoes will allow for a super responsive touch allowing the climb to pull themselves up with both hands and feet.

4. Five Ten Men’s Dragon Climbing Shoe

FiveTen Men's Dragon

FiveTen Men’s Dragon
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This pair definitely makes the list of best 5.10 shoes. They are made from synthetic leather material and a lined cowdura for an extra comfortable feel. There is a lace enclosure and a sole that is made from stealth HF rubber. The lace closure will allow the climber to feel secure when they are climbing a tough route. The toes of this shoe are downturned for they can handle steep edges. This 5.10 men’s shoe allows for the climber to get maximum power and a secure grip on the rocks with a hooking heel design.

3. Anasazi VCS Onyx Five Ten Shoe for Men

FiveTen Men's Anasazi VCS Onyx

FiveTen Men’s Anasazi VCS Onyx
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This golden and tan best 5.10 shoes item is not only made for climbing but for style as well. They have a rubber sole made from stealth onyx rubber for a great grip. This 5.10 shoe will allow any man to feel confident no matter how tough a climb he is on. These mens 5.10 shoes are designed for extreme sporting and climbing events. There is a padded tongue for extra comfort and a perfect fit. These 5.10 shoes for men do not allow for any dead space and will allow the climber to feel every movement. This shoe laces up and is one of the best selling performance shoes in Europe.

2. Anasazi Arrowhead Climbing Shoe by 5.10

FiveTen Men's Anasazi Arrowhead

FiveTen Men’s Anasazi Arrowhead
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These orange crush colored shoes are designed for a tough climb and belong in the best 5.10 shoes group. This pair of shoes has a down-turned toe with a high arch. There is a Velcro closure to make sure the shoes stay securely in place. There is a stealth rubber finish for additional grip on the rocks. The shoe is extra breathable and will grip the rock without any pain or discomfort to the foot. This shoe is high quality and designed with comfort as well as durability in mind. A climber will be able to instantly tell the difference when they climb in this pair of shoes.

1. Galileo 5.10 Men’s Climbing Shoe

FiveTen Men's Galileo

FiveTen Men’s Galileo
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This synthetic climbing shoes come in the color ivory. It is one of the best 5.10 shoes designed for rock climbing. It has a manmade sole and is made to handle the high-performance courses and high level climbing. The shoe is stiff which allows it to be extra supportive while climbing. There is a padded split tongue for extra comfort. There is a Stealth Onyxx sole which allows the climber to have the maximum grip possible while climbing. In this shoe a man is able to keep pushing forward knowing he has a secure grip.


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