Rainy Day Training


Rain… While it purges the mountains, cleaning boulders and washing away crud, most of us hunker down; placing climbing in the distant, sunny future and turning to those other obligations. However, climbers provide! As regulated and un-free as they can be, pumpy routes at the indoor gym can be good fun on a rainy day. Also, anywhere where there’s a climbing community, there’s also always a bunch of garage converts with steep angles and small holds. Burley. But, for us motivated monkeys, a trip to the gym is not the only option.

Often overlooked are the countless garage rafters and door finishes in our houses and/or friends houses. And don’t forget about hangboards! Endless core and stability workouts are possible in just about any living room and suit these blustery days just fine. Listed below are some suggestions that I’ve tried out and like:

Hangboard workout by Metolius

Pull-ups! (try ’em with your legs strait up in front and/or on crimps!)

-5 (30sec rest)

-7(30sec rest)

-10(30sec rest)

-10(30sec rest)

-7(30sec rest)

-5(1.5min rest)

-Repreat 3X


Front Levers – 5sets of 3


Push-ups! build some triceps and chest to balance those huge biceps and back

-Shuffle a deck of cards

-turn one over at a time and do the amount specified (split deck with a friend at first)

-J’s =11, Q’s=12, K’s=13, A’s=15

-Make red wide and black narrow (Diamonds if you can)


Surf, Swim, Run! Low impact cardio will help you climb longer


Try one or two of these a day. For any questions or if you have other rainy day workout ideas, comment on this sucker and I’ll post it!

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