The Best Teepee Tent for Sale Online

Are you looking for the best teepee tent for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best tents on the market right now. If you see a teepee tent that you are interested in, simply click on the title of the product or the image for more details!

10. Large Canvas Teepee Tent

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The little ones can have a perfect time in the wild in this giant teepee tent. Its big size of 8’ tall by 5’square makes it the perfect size for the entire group. It is also easy to set outdoor or indoor and has its own carry bag available for you. The teepee tent has shock corded 12.5mm and 9mm “G3” poles that are color coded for easier assembly and more durability. Besides, it has a polyester floor, making it easier to clean. The polyester walls are also in various designs as well as an easy opening access and a tunnel hole that has a roll away flap. The little kids will have even more fun provided by the mesh sky windows for viewing and dual zippered front doors.

9. Dexton Teepee Tents

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Dexton 6’ Great Plains teepee tent is ideal for both families and teachers. Creative play can be encouraged by this 6-foot tent. Decoration can be done as it comes with patterns from the Native Americans that help in the same. One can paint easily on the canvas using oil based paint or latex. The 6- foot teepee tent comes in beige and is made from fire and water resistant cotton canvas materials. Parents and teachers do not have to worry as they are very easy to set up and also comply with the toy safety standards of the US.

8. Guide Gear Teepee Tent

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You need to order your Guide Gear 14*14’ deluxe teepee tent. It is durable, waterproof and incredibly large enough for the whole crew to fit in it. Your outdoor adventure will be fun by considering this lightweight, 190- durable denier polyester with a coating of polyurethane teepee tent that can withstand any harsh weather condition. The multiple vents on the ground and large covered mesh windows allow maximum circulation of air at all times. It has a full porch with removable floor to store extra items or give a room for your pet. It has a 9’ center height, weighs 24lbs and can hold 8-10 people.

7. Guide Gear 12×12 Teepee Tent


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This Guide Gear teepee tent has a classic design but with an update that is modern. Many people opt for this teepee tent for their easier transportation, lightweight and are also easy to set up. It weighs 7lbs and measures 7 ¼* 7 ¼* 5 ½ h large enough for 3 people. It has a 190T full polyester rainfly that makes it water resistant and polyethylene floor that has been coated with 1,500mm polyurethane to keep out the morning dew. It never gets too stuffy or hot on the inside since the walls have been fully screened for maximum ventilation and have a zippered door.

6. Guide Gear Privacy Tent


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Guide Gear privacy teepee tent gives you the best camping comfort. Their ageless designs will meet all your contemporary conveniences. They can withstand precipitation and the wind as they are made from lightweight, waterproofed and heavy- duty polyester. This teepee tent affords a large interior room for 6 people. It has a center pole made from steel to add its durability, 1,000 mm polyurethane coating for resisting harsh weather and multiple air vents in the ground and covered mesh windows for ventilation.


5. Indian Teepee Tent for Children

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The Vilac Indian teepee tent was designed in France from the beautiful artwork of Nathalie left. It is great for imaginative and role play. In addition to that, Vilac has been the manufacturer of high quality and award-winning toys from 1911. This teepee tent has a dimension of 39.4*39.4*66.9 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds. It is only recommended for children above the age of 3. You will love them for their uniqueness and class.

4. Indoor Teepee Tent by Dexton

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Dexton 7.5 Great Plains teepee tent will ensure your children enjoy playing cowboys and Indians. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor play. It is also made from cotton that is water and fire resistant. The inside dimensions are 5ft tall * 6ft wide and is suitable for children above the age of three. It is quite easy to set up. The teepee tent canvas material is made from cotton that is durable and makes it quite easy for the children to do their decoration with any oil based paint or permanent latex.

3. Camo Teepee Tent


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HQ ISSUE 10*10 foot teepee tent camo gives you that bivouac comfort that you need. It weighs 14 lbs and has a 6 ½’ center height. The windows are weatherproof; 190- denier polyester shell that is rugged, lightweight and waterproof. The teepee tent has a floor that is polyethylene sewn- in and 1000mm polyurethane coating for the harsh weather resistance. It has a steel pole support in the center for easy- up. The seals are superior and the vents are rain protected. Ventilation is also available, provided by the ground air vents. Silver pull- through guy ropes are included to prevent any trips in the dark.

2. 8 Person Guide Gear Tent


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Guide Gear teepee tent is the finest to bring to the next adventure in the wild. Its design might be ageless, but you rest assured that it will meet all your contemporary desires. The features it holds bring you more than just a sleeping place in the tent. The interior is large enough to contain 10- 12 people. The teepee tent has a center height of 9’9” and weighs 21lbs. It can withstand harsh conditions as it is constructed from heavy- duty, waterproof and lightweight polyester. The camp is kept fresh as well by the mesh windows that are covered to circulate air. The center pole support steel adds to its durability during your stay.

  1. Camo Tent by HQ

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HQ ISSUE 18×18 foot teepee tent camo offers the ultimate comfort you need during your adventure. It has a 9’9” center height and weighs 21lbs. This teepee tent has a shell that is lightweight, rugged and waterproof; the windows are weatherproof and the floor is a sewn-in polyethylene. The tent has a center pole support made from steel for easy set-up, ground, air vents and vents that are protected from the rain.



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