To 10 Best Toddler Snow Boots for Sale Online

Are you looking for the best toddler snow boots for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best toddler snow boots on the market right now. If you see any snow boots that you are interested in, simply click on the title of the product or the image for more details!


10. Kamik Sugarplum Cold Weather Boot (Toddler), Deep Purple,8 M US Toddler

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Kamik Sugarplum Cold Weather Boot (Toddler) $19.95-$59.00 – The Kamik Sugarplums are made from rubber and textiles with a fur-trimmed topline so as to be waterproof and warm. The toddler snow boots also have a flexible rubber shell, rubber soles and are secured with an elastic Velcro strap. This is meant to make the boots more adjustable and capable of fitting toddlers between the ages of one and four. Sizing options range from 6 M US Toddler to 10 M US Toddler and the toddler snow boots are available in Dark Pink or Deep Purple. Due to the adjustable nature of the boots, it is still possible for snow to reach a child’s feet so the Kamik Sugarplums are best for short-term use in areas where the snow is not higher than the boots.


9. Kamik Rocket2 Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid), Navy Plaid,9 M US Toddler

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Kamik Rocket2 Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) $23.14-$57.55 – The Kamik Rocket2 Boots feature waterproof nylon and rubber materials as well as a removable 8mm Zylex liner comfort rated to -40°F. A glove-friendly elastic Velcro strap secures the toddler snow boots at the ankles while an adjustable weather collar helps keep snow and sleet from entering through the top. The boots also have a reflective patch just below the pant line for increased visibility in dark or wintery conditions. Although labeled as toddler snow boots, the Rocket2 is available in sizes from toddlers to little and even big kids but not all color choices are available in the larger sizes. The toddler boots come in Charcoal, Navy Plaid, Navy/Magenta, and Black. It is suggested to take thick socks into account when deciding on a size since they add additional bulk to a child’s feet. A good pair of socks combined with the Rocket2s should allow a toddler to handle anything winter throws at them.

8. Northside Frosty Winter Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid), Berry,7 M US Toddler

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Northside Frosty Snow Boot (Toddler) $21.00-$38.95 – The Northside Frosty boots have all-weather protection, manmade soles, waterproof bottom shell units, and 200g Thermolite insulation rated to -25°F. An adjustable leather collar helps keep feet dry and the Velcro strap secures the boot at mid-foot. The toddler snow boots can be Black/Royal, Purple Plaid, Dark Grey/Green, Pink, Camo, Bright Purple, or Berry. They are available in the toddler age range (1-4) and the big kid range (8-12) but not in the little kid range. While the toddler snow boots have many color choices, the boots for older children only come in pink. It should be noted that children with wider feet may have difficulty with some of the narrower parts of the boot.

7. Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot (Toddler), Navy,9 M US Toddler

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Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot (Toddler) $28.99-$46.95 – The Kamik Snowbug3 is made with a waterproof quilted nylon upper, fixed faux fur lining, variable elastic Velcro straps, a lightweight rubber shell, and Kamik’s SNOWPAW synthetic rubber outsoles. The strap on these toddler snow boots is placed above the ankle and they do not feature a leather collar at their tops. The Snowbug3 only comes in toddler sizes and can be Camo, Navy, Magenta, Purple, Berry, Black, Blue/Orange, Pink, Charcoal, or Viola. Kamik’s toddler snow boots can fit too tightly if thick winter socks are not taken into account when choosing a size.

6. Tundra Teddy 4 Boot (Toddler/Little Kid), White/White,11 M US Little Kid

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Tundra Teddy 4 Boot (Toddler/Little Kid) $24.99-$49.95 – Rated to -22°F, the Tundra Teddy 4 Boot is designed for cold weather and slippery conditions. The toddler snow boots have fleece-lined uppers, rubberized lowers, Velcro straps, and treads to prevent falls. The Velcro strap secures the boots near the top which may inhibit snow from entering. Toddler and little kid sizes are available. The boots are offered in Pink with hearts, Black/Red, Navy/Red Trucks, Navy Footballs, Black/Vancouver, Navy/Purple, Light Pink, Black/Yellow, Navy/Cars, Purple Snowflakes, Black/Grey Camo, Cherry, White, Black, Black/Charcoal/Orange, Navy/Truck Print, Grape, and Pink Snowflakes. As with most toddler snow boots, foot width and thick socks must be considered as these boots are a tight fit when not sized properly.

5. Columbia Powderbug Plus II PT Snow Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid), Black/Chili,8 M US Toddler

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Columbia Powderbug Plus II PT Snow Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) $19.02-$50.00 – The Columbia Powderbug features synthetic soles, waterproof materials, adjustable Velcro straps, leather collars, and seam-sealed construction. The toddler snow boots are available in Black/Chili, Charcoal/Light Grey, and Purple/White/Violet while the larger sizes come in Black/Chili, Charcoal/Light Grey as well as Collegiate Navy/Laser Lemon and UW Purple/Whitened Violet but not in Purple/White/Violet. The removable 6mm recycled felt liners on these toddler snow boots are washable to help prevent stinky feet after a day of wear. The Powderbugs are also rated to -25°F.

4. Sorel Children Flurry TP Winter Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid), Purple/Whitened Violet,11 M US Little Kid

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Sorel Children Flurry TP Winter Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) $29.83-$60.00 – Sorel’s Flurry TP toddler snow boots possess synthetic soles and waterproof materials, removable liners, and built-in gaiters with a barrel-lock closure system to prevent cold and wet feet. Sizes for toddlers to little kids are available in all colors/designs. The boots come in Grill/Chili, Red Dahlia/Glamour, or Purple/Whitened Violet. The Velcro strap on these toddler snow boots is placed above the ankle to provide a comfortable fit. The water and weatherproofing on the Flurry TPs are designed for highly active movement in snow such as during sledding or other winter activities.

3. Kamik Waterbug 5 Cold Weather Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

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Kamik Waterbug 5 Cold Weather Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) $24.99-$60.00 – The Kamik Waterbug toddler snow boots have a removable 8mm Zylex liner, manmade soles, bungee-lock snow collars, seam-sealed waterproof uppers and are rated to -40°F. Toddler to big kid sizes are available with Black and Viola available in all sizes but Charcoal and Black only offered for the toddler snow boots and the little kid snow boots. Additional features include thermal insoles, reflective patches, and high-traction outsoles. The Waterbug 5 toddler snow boots are ready for any amount of outdoor wear from short walks in the snow too long snowmobile rides. Consumers should be aware that the liner does make the boot snug but can also make it too tight if thick socks are not accounted for before purchasing.

2. Khombu Juniper Snow Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

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Khombu Juniper Snow Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) $29.99-$45.00 – The Khombu Juniper toddler snow boots advertise manmade soles, Thermolite materials, Velcro straps, faux fur lining with moisture-wicking technology, and anti-fungal protection to combat odors and provide a cushioned step. These toddler snow boots can be purchased in Lime, Fuchsia, Black, Navy, Purple Print, or Purple although the last two options are not available in toddler or big kid sizes. While the Junipers are water resistant and not fully waterproof, their opening is much wider and more accommodating of wider feet. They would be suitable for quick walks around areas not heavily covered in snow.

1. Feminzee Baby Girls Infant Toddler Winter Fur Shoes Rabbit Snow Boots 9-72 Months

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Fashionwu Baby Girls Infant Toddler Winter Fur Shoes Rabbit Snow Boots 9-72 Months $18.99 – The Rabbit Snow Boots are made from artificial velvet and feature rubber soles, zipper closure, rabbit decorations, and soft fur lining and collars. The toddler snow boots come in sizes for any toddler between 9 and 72 months. Unlike other toddler snow boots, these fit slightly looser than they appear. They are available in Red, Khaki, and Pink although the eyes on the rabbit decoration are not highly durable.



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