Top 10 Best Army Tents for Sale Online

Are you looking for the best army tents for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best army tents on the market right now. If you see any army tents that you are interested in, simply click on the title of the product or the image for more details or go to Tentsy!

10. Guide Gear Military Tent


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Guide Gear 10×10′ military tent provides a great camping comfort for troops. Which is why they are also called army tents. This tent has base camp performance which is why the name army tent fits perfectly. This army tent is very roomy inside and has enough room to accommodate six people inside. Although Guide Gear 10×10′ Teepee Tent appears old-fashioned from outside it has the most modern feature available. These army tents or teepees are made with polyester material which is a heavy duty, waterproof, lightweight with a tough built. This material can withstand precipitation and the wind. These army tents are built to be tough. These teepee tents have great features like a weather-proofed window, waterproof 190-denier polyester shell, It has steel pole support in the center, it has polyethylene floor which keeps the interior clean, factory sealed seams, 1000 mm polyurethane coating, it also has rain protected ventilation. Each teepee tents include silver/black pull-through guy ropes. Tent weigh about 14 lbs, 13 OZ, covered mesh windows with 6’6″ center height.

9. Stansport Pup Tent


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Stansport “Scout” Backpack Tent (Forest Green, 6-Feet 6-Inch X4-Feet 6-Inch X 3-Feet): Nothing says camping better than the classic A-frame tent design of Stansport Backpack army tents. It has several updated modern features. It is easy and fast to set up this army tent via two light weighted aluminum poles. It has nose-um mesh These army tents has additional features like polyurethane-coated nylon upper, and the rugged polyethylene floor which keeps you dry from underneath. This three seasons two person tent sets up easily and weighs 3.8 pounds. Measures 54 by 36 by 78 inches (W x H x D), with 29 square feet of floor space. These backpack army tents meet CPAI-84 flame retardant specifications. It is a great camping tent.

8. Maxam Cheap Military Tent

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Maxam digital camo 2 person tent: These army tents are compactly stored and they can expand to an area which can accommodate up to two persons. These are quality tents used for all campouts. This tent comes with 4 nylon tie-downs and 8 skates. These army tents are made of a durable polyester material which is tough and can keep unwanted things out of the tent. It is light weight(3 pounds)and can fit into a backpack. It comes with 2 skates and takes less than few minutes to set it up.. It measures about 78-3/4 inches x 47-1/4 inches x 39-3/8 inches in dimensions. This tent is a good tent for all outdoor enthusiasts. This small tent is good for the money.

7. US Military Tent – Half-Shelter



It comes with two (G.I. 12 Foot)Half Tent” Shelters which can be put together by buttoning along the ridge of the tent in a pup tent fashion. These army tents come with very good military grade tent skates real sturdy one. It is fairly light weight(9 pScreen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.53.19 PMounds) and can fit anywhere and easy to carry. These military tents are strong and are everything a tent should be for all campouts. It comes with 2-3 section poles. These army tents are made with sturdy olive drab cotton duck fabric. These army tents are reliable and strong otherwise US military wouldn’t use it.

6. 3 Person Best Military Tents


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It is a must have miitary tent for Summer camping. It is such a great backpacking tent. The impressive feature of this tent is the storage area inside the tent which allows sleeping and organizing personal things around the tent. The main sleeping area is separate and is not directly connected to the outer shell and storage area of the tent which keeps the sleeping area clean to use. These army tents have 190 TPU (thermoplastic elastomers)outer shell and one 170T breathable polyester. Groundsheet: 125g/Sqm Polyester. Water column: 1200mm inner shell and is waterproof. It also has a front canopy. It has air vent size (180x415cm) and also comes with fiberglass tent poles. Detachable guy ropes and aluminum pegs are all included with the tent. These army tents come with a carry bag which is easy to carry for campouts.

5. 1 Person Military Tent


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It is a one person compact tent is ideal for a single person campout. The ionosphere has only one entry point and the tent comes with 50D Polyester No-See-Um-Mesh. It has flysheet which is a lightweight 210t Polyester RipStop with a 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating and inner shelter constructed of 190t Nylon with Polyester mesh. This army tent is a lightweight and dimensions( 94 x 44 x 28 inches); 3.3 pounds. All DAC® Poles are made from TH72M aluminum and all tents come with Alloy Stakes (14 + 2 Spare Stakes). If any repairs are needed during camping outdoors this tent comes with a repair kit which is even better. These army tents are very durable and can be efficiently used in any season winter, spring, summer, and fall. This tent is tough enough to withstand multiple conditions and compact enough to take it with you for any camping trips. This lovely product is certainly one of the best military tents for sale online.

4. Texsport Military Camping Tent

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This tent has classic pup tent design except it is a much better design since it actually zips up and the ends aren’t open. It is a compact model convenient for two campers provides a good comfort for overnight camping and has a zippered mesh rear window with storm flap which allows optimum air flow. This tent is easy to assemble and comes with complete stakes and is constructed of rugged polyurethane coated taffeta with tub style rip-stop polyethylene floor. Camouflage army tents are lightweight weighs 4 Lbs., 38″h x 4’6″w x 7’d in dimensions. It is constructed of water- and boot-proof ripstop material and is flame retardant, meets C.P.A.I.-84 specifications. This tent comes in easy to carry bag. This tent has good durability and overall performance which makes army tents good camping tents.

3. 3 Person Military Tent for Camping


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This Army tent is convenient and comfortable with ultra classic inner tent design. It is a double layered one to two person tent. It has both front and back doors and has independent access. It has support window design top off with two breathable outer skylights has good ventilation. The inner tent, 170T breathable can be shut at night or when it rains. In summer, you can use just inner tent alone. Tent top with large ventilation windows on both sides. These army tents are light weight 7.8 pounds and has tent size: 78″ x 78″ x 47″ high. The tent material is 190T cloth which is just not only waterproof but UV proof and wind proof. These army tents are strong and great for all outdoor camping.

2. Eureka Camo Military Tent

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These army tents are designed to be strong, tough and fast. This tent incorporates features requested by field personnel. It has two large drops down doors with mesh windows and two design vestibules for gear storage. Upper body of the tent is made of breathable nylon. It has full coverage fly with blackout fabric. These army tents are light weight(6.7 lbs) tent, frame and fly with a floor area of 27 sq.ft and designed of durable material which exceeds government standards. It is tough and strong and warranted to withstand repeated field use.

  1. Mil-tec 1 Man Military Tent – Camo


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This a sturdy one man tent which has a rugged design typical of the tent construction aimed at the military. These army tents are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, and rain. It is double layered which makes it tough and strong. The internal layer has 3 huge mesh to allow air to flow into and to keep bugs out. The tent is very roomy and comfortable inside. These army tents are fast and easy to place up. It has an outer layer made of 190T Polyester and 1200mm Waterproof Inner layer, 190T Polyester – 800mm Waterproof Sewn-in groundsheet – 210D Oxford Polyester. They come with 3 fiberglass tent poles – 2x 8.5mm, 1x 7.9mm. It has four detachable guy ropes and 13 aluminum pegs. These tents are appropriate for excessive stipulations. They’re very Robust, stormproof, and has good air flow.



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