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Now is the time of year to focus on the outdoors! Now is the time to take the family hiking and fishing and of course camping! There are not a lot of things that are better than camping when you are talking about good quality family time! This is one of those times where the quality is one of a kind and the conversation is the best you have had all year! There are countless things to do around the campfire and many memories to be made as well! So what are you waiting for? Grab one of the cool tents and hit the lake for the weekend! There are many cool tents for you to choose from!

10. Slumberjack Tent with AC Port

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One of the coolest tents on this list, the Slumberjack is a 2 person tent for camping. It is one of the best hiking tents around! With the easy setup and free standing features, there is plenty of time for the hike! Not to mention lightweight to be carried to any trail with ease!

9. 2 Person Camping Tent by Coleman

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This one is very similar to the last set of cool tents. It is another one of the best hiking tents around. While it offers the dome structure and includes a super quick 2 pole set up. This makes every hiker’s dream come true!

8. Cool Tents for Camping by Coleman – 4 Person

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These cool tents are almost identical to the previous cool tents however there is one difference that sets it apart of the best hiking tents and the best family tents around. These cool tents sleep three, whether this could mean bring the baby on a hike or maybe something a little more subtle! With the center height at 52″ it even gives a little wiggle room which is another reason I am thinking more along the line of the small family by the lake in these cool tents!

7. 6 Person Cool Tent

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Now we are talking! Family VACAY with the cool tents! There is nothing like a little privacy with this 6 person 2 room tent! Parents on one side and kids on the other! Mesh roof vents and windows with 2 large D Style doors! This is a set up for success for any family!

6. 6 Person Cool Tents for Camping

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This one is pretty similar to the previous cool tents with AC ports except a little different with the LED ceiling light and the rolling windows!!!! These cool tents also have a ventilation system and cool air port! AC on the family VACAY! Well kind of!

5. Cool Instant Tent by Coleman – Orange

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This is a smaller version of the other cool tents that have ac ports. It offers many of the same bells and whistles just sleeps 4 in case that is all you need! This one also offers a privacy vent window, pretty cool tents right?

4. Red Canyon Tent by Coleman – 8 Person

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This has to be one of the cool tents, this thing seems huge! Measures 17′ x 10′ with the center height is 72″. This is as big as some storage buildings!!! Room dividers are included to divide into three rooms! This one also has the ventilation system to ensure our AC (close enough) works well inside these cool tents! This one also includes all of the stakes and poles in a separate bag for easy installation as well!

3. XL 12 Person Tent by Tahoe Gear

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These are some really cool tents! If you have never seen a tent with not only a front porch but a screened in front porch then this cool tents is a MUST SEE! One of a kind is an understatement here! The front porch is roomy enough for a table and chairs! Did I mention this cool tents sleeps 8 people!!! Not too shabby for tent with a screened in porch!

2. 16 Person Tent by Tahoe Gear

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This is the King of Camping here! This is the tent above all tents! With these cool tents that sleep 14 people! These things are massive! Zips completely for sleeping or can be used as a sun room for the wonderful comfortable days! With the durable polyester feel free to use this cool tents in the warmer or the cooler weather!

1. Cool Tent with Multiple Rooms – 14 Person Tent


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So we thought the previous cool tents was the king of tents, turns out we have a new King! This tent is the Cabin of all tents sleeping 16 I think that is a good name for it! Generous to say the least the entire tent walls and center is 7′ tall to ensure all campers can walk around comfortable! This is a HUGE perk for so many people nothing else is needed!
Now that you know all of the many different cool tents available it is time to find the great out doors again! Whether you are the one who sits on the screened in front porch and watches the kids play or you are the one that hike up to the highest peak and pops the tent for the night get out there! Bring back the family time and the many adventures every one used to take! Get lost in the real out doors, take that trip that you have been meaning to take for how many years now! Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy life for a little while! All of the stress and the problems of the real world will still be there when you get back no worries!



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