Top 10 Best Survival Clothing for Sale Online

 Are you looking for the best survival clothing for sale online? If so, we’ve reviewed the top 10 best survival clothing on the market right now. If you see survival clothing that you are interested in, simply click on the image for more details! Survival clothing is good for any situation. Survival clothing can come in handy when traveling, camping, going outside, etc. Stay safe out there!

10. Wideway Military Tactical Boots

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If you’re looking for military survival gear then look no further than these tactical boots. The shoe covers are made of tough rubber and high-quality polyester that’s equipped with PVC coating to seal the seams. There are boot molds within the shoe covers that ensure the wearer gets a perfect fit in addition to elastic that provides a tight fit, essential for survival clothing. The shoe cover’s buckle and zipper closures are sturdy, with a strap that encircles the boot that makes the cover’s more secure. The boot covers will keep the wearer’s shoes completely dry while they remain inside.

9. Survival Clothing for Special Ops

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The Rothco Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket is super soft yet durable, lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and makes for a great piece of survival clothing that’s capable of long-wearing wear. There’s a zipper on the front, button fly, six pockets, and adjustable waist tabs which allow for increasing the size of the waist. What also makes it a great piece of survival clothing is that the hood folds up and zips away into the collar of the jacket. The waterproof shell of the jacket also makes it a great raincoat.

8. Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants

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The Blackhawk Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant is one of the best pieces of survival clothing because the pant’s top-opening pockets which features 2 inches of elastic webbing, can securely hold knives, flashlights, weapon magazines, and other pieces of gear while leaving them easily accessible to the wearer. It also makes for a great piece of survival clothing because the waistband is equipped with a silicone grip strip that keeps the wearer’s shirt tucked in, even while acting out extreme maneuvers. The waistband also extends to increase the waist size, allowing for an increase in mobility. The pants are equipped with high-quality Prym snaps and YKK zippers.

7. Pocket Survival Vest

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The Trademark Happy Camper Pocket Vest makes for a great piece of survival clothing because it’s constructed with rugged nylon and is equipped with; A breathable mesh along the inside lining so the wear never comes in contact with the vest’s thick nylon, 4 different adjustable straps, 3 top pockets (1 being zippered), and 3 velcro topped pockets which can hold a variety of accessories and different gear; All features which make it essential for survival clothing. The vest also features a hoop and a clip so that more tools or keys can be attached to it.

6. Survival Butt Backpack

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The Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Deluxe ACU Army Digital Camo Camouflage Recon Military Gear Molle And Alice Compatible Butt Pack Buttpack makes for an exceptional piece of survival clothing. The jacket is constructed of a military quality polyester that’s tactical and fully lined. The main compartment of the jacket is equipped with a rain flap and a two-way zipper. There are three outer pockets with quick release buckles and cord lock ties. In addition to all its other features, the jacket’s MOLLE (Which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) that can be used with A.L.I.C.E clips and the ability to carry all a person’s gear makes it a perfect piece of survival clothing.

5. Turtleneck Survival Clothing

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The Military Combat Shirt, which comes in a variety of camouflage and solid colors such as; Black, sand, desert sand, woodland digital camo, khaki, ACU digital camouflage, olive drab, desert digital camouflage, and woodland camo. The shirt is a great addition to a set of survival clothing due to its melt and drip resistance, as well as being moisture wicking. The shirt is poly-cotton, while the sleeves are 50 percent cotton and 50 percent nylon. The combat shirt is lightweight and breathable, essential for survival clothing.

4. Bear Grylls Survival Shirt

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The Bear Grylls Men’s Trek Long Sleeve Shirt comes in black pepper, metal, and dark khaki. The shirt’s material is 100% polyamide, with stretch panels located on the shoulder’s elbows and shoulders. In front of the shirt are two vented chest pockets. The shirt makes for great survival clothing as it offers the wearer powerful protection against the sun, quickly dries when it gets wet, and is moisture managing so the wear won’t stay wet for long; Benefits of great survival clothing.

3. Survival Boots by La Sportiva

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No set of survival clothing is complete without The La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Men’s Boot, which can be taken out on adventures such as heavy backpacking and mountaineering. The boot features Vibram rubber that provides the wearer with more than adequate toe protection, essential for survival clothing. For easy lace up, there’s the EZ Rollerball hardware. The boot, being a full steel shank, offers great performance and a great fit.

2. Survival Clothing by Bear Grylls – Trousers

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The Bear Grylls Men’s Survivor Trouser comes in several color combinations such as; Metal and black, black and black pepper, and dark khaki and black. The trousers make for great survival clothing because there’s 9 pockets, two of which have zippered closures, and is made out of 100% polyamide; In addition to being tough made, providing an active fit, and being equipped with a sun-protective suplex that’s essential for survival clothing that’s very durable yet wearable. There are stretch panels at the knees and seat of the trousers. The pants repel water while having the ability to dry quickly, the pants are also great on those exceptionally hot days.

1. Bear Grylls Survival Clothing Mountain JacketScreen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.24.16 PM

The Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket by Craghoppers, coming in black and marsh green and blue and extreme black, the mountain jacket makes for an exceptional piece of survival clothing. The jacket features Aquadry Ripstop which makes the fabric waterproof; 5 pockets, 4 of which have zippered closings, as well as 2 outer-lower pockets which are waterproof and 1 waterproof pocket on the jacket’s sleeve. The hood is equipped with rear and front adjusters and a brushed chin guard. The jacket’s innovative features combined with its outstanding design and cutting-edge technologies makes it a great choice for survival clothing.



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